Thursday, March 11, 2010

Republic Day celebrations in my school

January 26, 2010
Dr. S. Radhakrishnan Vidyalaya, Borivali

Like every year, the Borivali branch of Bombay Cambridge Gurukul Schools, celebrated Republic Day and Investiture Ceremony on Tuesday, 26th January. The program started with a march wherein the Student Council members held the school and house flags high and the stroke of the drum reminded the march at the Rajpath. Mr. Yadav, a Merchant Navy Officer, escorted by the School Principal, Mrs. Manisha Arondekar, hoisted the flag. All hands rose automatically to salute the tricolor while lips proudly chanted the National Anthem.

The program continued as students of the Secondary Section sang patriotic songs and performed a skit that took the audience to 2030 and compelled them to think about literally “earth-shattering” issues like global warming and water shortage. Mr. Yadav then addressed the audience, talking about the role of youth in the development of the country and the new avenues that the Merchant Navy provides for action.

After a short break, the much awaited Investiture Ceremony began. The outgoing Council Members marched with their respective flags, Ms. Anagha Kamath, the school captain taking the lead. The elegance with which the flags changed hands, from the outgoing committee to the newly appointed one, was a sight in itself. This new team was led by Mr. Siddhanth Rao and an all women’s steering committee was replaced by an all men’s team as Mr. Suraj Iyer was nominated as the Assistant School Captain, Mr. Amogh Kamekar as the Sports Captain and Mr. Arpit Sharma as the Asst. Sports Captain. Ms. Aishwarya Bhutta and Ms. Katha Mehta now proudly held their respective House Flags. Like mothers dressing their kids to go to school for the first time and silently telling them that the road ahead was not an easy one, the Principal of the Secondary Section pinned the stars to the Council Members while the stood still holding their flags and making their teachers and parents proud of them. It was a moment where all the pairs of eyes expressed a different feeling. The Principal and the other staff members looked at the newly appointed council with high expectations, the Council members, on the other hand, had a twinkle in their eye and looked forward to the challenges of the new year. The outgoing members, who were felicitated with letters of appreciation, had a mélange of satisfaction of having accomplished several tasks in the past year and a bitter feeling of leaving their posts. Eyes speak. But today they spoke aloud.


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