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Women's Day

International Women's Day
With international women's day just around the corner, I cannot but help feeling special. Newspapers and internet are flooded with posts and women's-day-discount ads. Soon whatsapp will be filled with flattering messages about how woman is the mother, the daughter, the sister, the wife and how she must be venerated. Also, there will be talks (by men) about how woman is an equal and how she is a perfect competition to man. And that's where my question arises. Why are we always gauging woman with the yardstick called man? Why do we always talk about woman 'empowerment' as if we were the weaker section of the society and need a strong male hand for our upliftment? Why can't have more discussion on reciprocal respect? Thankfully, as a breath of fresh air, I heard a presentation on similar lines at our school Women's Day special assembly (conducted by the men folk in the school).
I do not want to get into all the sexist discussion ab…