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मीठा अचरज - 2

When one travels by train (all Mumbaikars take it as a given that “train” naturally implies THE local train), one always has a bagful of experiences to share, some good, some bad, some simply…strange. Today’s experience was strange but rather pleasant!
I was sitting in the train, staring out of the window, when one of the ladies sitting opposite me, called out, “Ashish” (name not changed) in the direction where I could not see who this Ashish was. (Now, as a woman, when you hear a man’s name in the ladies’ compartment, the brave side of you immediately takes on guard while the timid side hopes it is just a kid that you will have to face). But I was completely taken aback to see that this Ashish was a eunuch! She comfortably came and sat next to me. I just kept staring at those two women (trying hard not to be caught while doing so), who were so sweet, so kind with her (I think it is only justified to say “her”). They started discussing everything from mundane chores to family matters to the flowers that Ashish had bought to offer at the temple).
Some time back I saw a student play, pleading the audiences to treat these marginalized individuals with dignity (if love and care were too much to ask for). It felt like they had succeeded in their effort, although it was quite clear that neither of the two women were learned enough to watched a play. But how does it matter? They were definitely more cultured than the “cultured”.
Today I saw India Shining!!


  1. Human being is whole, complete and perfect and have barriers to the fullest expression and experience of their wholeness and completeness.

    signature Niralee
    :) <3

  3. Yeah people who travel by trains have the most amazing tales to tell!! :-) :-)

  4. Beautiful..!! I could see where ou were going with it.. and i love the way it ended.. to an open etendue..! vaste etendue! started with a confined space, enlarged and then some more.. just beautiful..

  5. Ya u were right mam i did like your blog ....your writing shows a lot of maturity just speechless......

  6. thank u abhishek :) please do read the other articles too when u get the time :)

  7. i loved it esp. since its kinda psycho topic!!!! ;) n what u have described the 2 ladies doing is what we hope for to happen worldwide!!! m jus really glad that you are such a complete person, a true Indian citizen....u r concerned about so many things n issues....keep it up!!! :-*

  8. awww.... thank u niki.. thats a really sweet thing to say!! :)

  9. WHAT A PIECE!! superbly written, amazingly evocative!! and I totally agree with Niki..Mmmmwaaaaah

  10. wow!! ren, coming from u its a HUGE compliment!! thank u!!

    p.s. does rajeev want a freelance writer??

  11. nice..very few people can write on something like this..u r one of the v.few "cultured" people of our country :)

  12. Awww!! I love this piece! :) "India shining", indeed! :)

  13. Hey a heart warming article...!!! Wish we all could look beyond these many socially constructed and manipulative divisive barriers and open up our horizons and see the ''goodness'' within...!! :)

  14. hey Niralee...
    this is a Socio. topic too! [drawing from Niki's!] a warmly written, crisp description. thanks for sharing it..:)


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