Friday, January 14, 2011

Printed Rainbow

Printed Rainbow is a short animation film that won three awards at the Cannes International Film Festival. As animation is not something that Indian film industry takes pretty seriously, it’s an honor to have a filmmaker like Gitanjali Rao and her films.

The film starts in black and white and for a while one tends to forget the “colorful” title of the movie. This movie is about this old lady who lives alone in an urban apartment. Well, not exactly alone, with her cat. Color appears for the first time when the lady opens a wooden box that contains her collection of colorful match-boxes with hundreds of different designs. The only human presence in her life is that of another elderly man of the neighborhood who visits her regularly to exchange match-boxes. These are not just match-boxes but our granny’s gateway into a fantastical world full of colors, in contrast with her black and white life.

What really steal’s the audience’s attention is the brilliant imagination of the filmmaker and the minute attention paid to the laws of Physics in the use of color, light and movement. What is also very interesting is the use of parts to depict the whole. The background score is pretty intriguing in certain parts of the movie. The constant alternation between internal and external focalization, color and black ‘n’ white, biting loneliness and frenzy of the dream world gives the film an appealing rhythm.

It is the final scene and the end note that add a whole new meaning to the movie. It’s really commendable how Rao has been able to put up a masterpiece in a short span of 15 minutes. A little sensibility on your part, and you are sure to enjoy the film and love it too! Super job!


  1. :D you just brought it all out! i thought of the whole movie when i read this..
    u even spoke about stuff that i hadnt realised..
    super review! u did justice to the film and the film-maker..! :D

  2. amazing re!!! i really feel like watching the movie NOW, even though i have to study for exams!! so imagine how good is ur review!!! :)

  3. the review is amazing!! makes me feel like watching the know every time you post something on your blog,I feel proud to know you.its like the feeling of pride is directly proportional to your posts!! :D

  4. am so SORRY.. the word in the second last sentence is "sensitivity" not "sensibility" please sorry.

  5. Fantastic!!! Shall i ask my boss if he'd take freelance critics? :D