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Kabhi tum mujhse pyar karte
Kabhi yun hi ruth jaate
Jab marzi ki gale lagaya
Jab mann kiya raub jamaya

Na tumhe, na auron ko,
Na kisi ko dekar apne jane ki khabar
Chali jaungi ek din
Chhod tumhe yunhi bekhabar!

Tumhari Mashuka


  1. Beautiful! Esp the twist at the end!

  2. dhanyawad! yaar tum logon ke bina meri hindi ki puri "durgati" hoti ja rahi hai! mere aas-paas koi nahi hindi bolne wala!

    niralee solanki misses savio pashana, disha kapadia, skand bhupendra, radhika rani, ryan fernandes!

  3. i really like the way it ends... this is exactly what a triveni has (although this isnt a triveni)... i suggest write a bit of triveni)... and pls re-post this in the devnagri script... moreover, you dont need to miss me... 'm just a thought away...


  4. Nice one.
    You have a great control over Hindi too...

  5. i had not read the last two lines.. or i did and maybe i dont remember..

  6. Wah! Kya adaa hai... bakayada Niralee :)


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