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It was an ordinary day. Mom and I were having our usual mini tea session before I leave for work. While flipping the pages of newspaper, mom came across the news that few young women were going to renounce the material world and opt for the path of lifelong celibacy.  Me and my family members were all surprised to know about this and were wondering that what could possibly have made these young women decide to renounce the material world at this young age? Was it their personal decision? Maybe yes, but the question still remains as to why does a person want to renounce the very world in which he is meant to live and enjoy in? The only answer I can derive is “brainwashed”.
When a person from a very young age is constantly told the stories of how giving up the pleasure of life can lead one to salvation and so called “moksh” the person is bound to get attracted to the idea of choosing that path. The elders around the kid are so blindly influenced by the society that they don’t give it a thought that the child has his own decisions to make and own beliefs and ideas to follow. The poor kid is forced to abide by all the religious formalities like rigorous fasting and compulsory visits to temples when all he is meant to do at that age is eat well and play. The very thought of achieving the glory and fame on renouncing the world defeats its purpose.  The youth is supposed to be the future of its country. At this age one should have all the aspirations in the world. There should be this fire in the belly to achieve something, to take risks, to travel, to read, to have fun. Why give up the pleasures of the world when the very purpose of our creation is to enjoy the work of nature. The creator has designed our body in such fashion that it is meant to live every emotion it has to offer.
Moreover, the amount of money spent of the pre renunciation ceremony which can be put to a much better use is a different issue altogether. Nobody is bothered to spare a thought that the same amount of money can save so many ailing lives or sponsor education for the under privileged children or provide bread and butter to the hungry.
At times even education is not a solution for brainwash as we can see that most of the people who decide to take the extreme path are the educated ones. In this day and age when we are facing the problem of concentration of wealth in the hands of few, where the rich is getting richer and poor is getting poorer; can we really afford to spend such huge amount of money just in the name of glory? Can’t we stay in the society and help it grow at the same time. Self realization is the only solution for this. It is time to wake up and open our eyes. Time to use our brains and make rational decisions. Just think about it, how different is to not be a celibate and offer help than being one? 
-Jinal Solanki


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कविता लिखना किसी इंसान के बस की बात नहीं है
कविता ख़ुद ही अपने आप को लिखती है
इक ज़रिया है बस हम तो
कविता ख़ुद ही ख़ुद को आईना में दिखती है

यह ख़ुद अपनी ज़ुबां चुनती है
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पर कलम में सियाही तो वो ही भर जाती

कभी यूँ ही शाम को मिलने आती
खिड़की के पास बैठ चाय की चुस्कियाँ लगाती
रोम रोम में इक महक सी भर जाती है
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बाहर की खिड़की खोलते खोलते
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एक बार कविता हर किसी को छूने आती है
जब टुटा हो दिल प्यार में, तो यह कुछ ज़्यादा जी लुभाती है
जब हाथ बढ़ाए तुम्हारी ओर, झट से थाम लेना, साहीर
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Take pleasure

Perfection is an obsession
Give yourelf some concession
Its perfectly alright to not know it all
Where's thé pleasure of getting up unless you fall?

There is, and will always bé compétition wherever you see
Thankfully, participation is not mandatory even with no entrance fée
Pick and choose your battles and fight them with all might
And keep fighting until you get it right
Do not confuse à momentary setback with an ultimate defeat
À strategic recul is sometimes necessary to achieve thé final feat.

Sing in thé shower and dance in thé bedroom
Thé best moments are those that never make it to facebook
Learn à new art just for thé heck of it
And i ll leave thé poem unrhymed just because i feel like it.

The 20 lakh package

In the corner of a room Clustered only with a
rusty stove And an old bed, A tattered book he read to his sister Trying to put her to bed.
The day had been long He had to cook with Baba And clean and dust, The woman of the house Had lads she could trust
At night Baba watched over the neighborhood And him, over their humble abode For his earnest parents This was his gentle ode
Finally came home Mommy Who was playing nanny To another little angel Whose parents took turns too Earning their hefty packages