Monday, December 13, 2010

Flavor of the Month

Ever wondered from where the term “flavor of the month” came into being? Can months also have flavors of their own? Well… can’t say about the other months of the year, but December definitely does!
It starts with the air itself! Mumbai suddenly starts witnessing sweater vendors on the road! People, bundled up in layers of sweaters and scarves, are a rare and amusing sight! The mellowed down sun gives way to soothing breeze that caresses your face. When this happens at noon, it’s especially a unique experience for our concitoyens! And in this season, one HAS to try doing a little journey sitting on the first seat of a double decked bus to make most of this opportunity!
The month also brings another reason to cheer: Christmas! Unlike what most people believe, you neither have to be a Catholic nor a kid to savor the excitement of this season! There is so much joy that Christmas offers; just choose what suits you the best! Take your kids to shake hands with Santa, be a (secret) Santa to someone (and someone’s secret baby too ;) ) decorate a Christmas tree or just wear red!
“Last but not the least!”, the phrase describes the season so well! Actually, even January is not as exciting this last month. Everyone is busy doing the bilan, be it of the good and bad deeds of the year or of the last financial quarter. Making new year resolutions and planning the most talked about evening of the year! one can’t possibly ask for more from something as simple as a calendar month! It’s time to read “The Gift”, it’s time to exchange gifts, it’s time to thank your loved ones for the lovely gift that 2010 was!! 


  1. yaar how do u do it everytime.its classy and beautiful.

  2. thats niralee. truely "NIRALEE"

  3. :) awesome.. jus describes d atnosphere ryt nw..jus perfect :)

  4. you've perfectly captured December!

  5. "Flavor of the MOnth' ISNTANTLY reminds me of Gelato Italiano ..n the beautiful memories associated with it on the 1st of every month!:P!